Make tomorrow sustainable

With current technology it´s impossible to separate raw materials from recyclable waste otherwise than by crushing it mechanically into small particles. Unfortunately disintegrating flexible and soft materials has proven to be slow, expensive and energy-intensive process.

Waprece offers a clean solution to this fundamental technological issue – how to turn waste into raw material efficiently. Our patented technology is the most efficient way to transform soft and flexible waste into reusable raw materials.

Sustainable solution for more efficient waste management and recycling

Our ultimate green solution will change the world of the circular economy and significantly reduce carbon emissions from different industries worldwide.

We produce ecological, easy-to-reuse raw materials from waste and soft materials, for example:

  • mineral wool
  • fabrics
  • plastic
  • wood and other organic based materials

As we grow into one of the leading green technology pioneers, our innovation is helping companies create sustainable businesses using recycled raw materials.

Our Company, Founders, Mission & Vision

Waprece is a cleantech R&D company with patended solution for solving the bottlenecks in the recycling business. Our mission is to create an ecological and efficient way to recycle soft and flexible materials on a global scale. Our vision is that all materials can be either reused or decomposed in easy and effective way.

Waprece aims to be the world’s leading greentech company by 2030.

Our Solution & Method

Our patented method is based on high pressure liquid jet stream. Liquid is sprayed to the object by 3–9 times the speed sound (1000–3000 m/s) which crushes almost any material.

Process is extremely effective, productive, environmentally friendly and capable of handling massive volumes of different materials.

Waprece’s technology is able to crush various materials to small particles (<15µm) even in industrial volumes.

Process is easily adjustable for different material types and needed particle sizes.

Technology to go nano size is under patent process.

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