The Solution for Sustainable Future

Our technology is environmentally friendly and comes with:

Zero submissions / Solvent free process / No chemical additives / CO2 neutral


Crushing and separation of recyclable materials

Our patented solution is based on a liquid jet stream that disintegrates all kinds of waste. The water vortex separates the disintegrated particles into their own material streams.

The jet stream’s velocity is up to nine times the speed of sound, which carries a tremendous amount of kinetic energy ripping the waste into microscopic (<15µm) powder. 

Our method enables us to work concurrently with high volumes of materials with different compositions. It’s something that no other method can accomplish.

Method is suitable for several materials and mixtures, for example mineral wool, fabrics, wood and plastic. Separation of different materials is an option.


Recycling construction waste and
creating new raw materials for
the industry


Speeding up decomposing
prosess and enable recycle
process in large scale


Speeding up decomposing
prosess and enabling recycle
process in large scale


Enabling efficient recycle of
clothes and other fabrics

Sometimes the simplest solutions work the best.

The power of water is something that human kind is quite familiar with. The power of water can be seen everywhere, on seashore and on the mountains. With time water cuts its way even through rock and in storm it crushes boats and houses. When you shoot water with nine times the speed of sound it cuts metal. Finally we have harnished its powers for sustainable pre-treatment for recyling.

Water vortex is a phenomenon that can be found in nature, in every domestic household and even in a soda bottle when shaken. Our patented method creates a massive liquid vortex accelerating water crushing and material separation processes. We’ve found it to be the most environmentally friendly and also the most efficient way to process high volumes of waste.